Tue. Jun 18th, 2019

Rani Mukerji: It’s Important for Mothers to Have a Career and Not Feel Guilty About It

Image result for Rani Mukerji: It’s Important for Mothers to Have a Career and Not Feel Guilty About ItRani Mukerji took a break from films after her daughter Adira’s birth in December 2015. The actor was next seen in Hichki, which released over two years later in March 2018.

Though Mukerji feels it’s important for new mothers to take a leave from work after childbirth to recover and nurture the kid, she says mothers shouldn’t feel guilty when it’s time for them to return to work. “During your pregnancy and after childbirth, you should give yourself that break to take care of yourself and nurture the child. Just because we are mothers, we don’t need to feel guilty about getting back to work,” she told DNA.

“If that’s the case, then men, too, should feel the same. But neither should feel that because we bring up a child together,” she added.

Talking about the importance of being a working mother, she said, “I know that being a housewife is the most difficult job but when both the parents have jobs, the child thinks, ‘Oh, my father goes to work and so does my mum’. So, there’s some equality that comes in. If a child knows that both her parents are working hard for her, she will also value the things she gets in life a little bit more.”

On her return to films, Mukerji said, “When I had Adira, I was happy being at home. It was my husband (Aditya Chopra), who pushed me to get back to work. And it’s just that little nudge that one needs. I was working for many years and wasn’t a young mother. I was like, ‘Let me be with my child’.”

“But it is important for mothers to have a career. Whether it is a full-fledged position or a part-time one, that’s up to her. Eventually, your child grows up and has school hours; that’s when you realise that you have left behind your work and feel, ‘Ab main kya karoon?’ Housewives, too, can do so much today. It’s important to keep yourself busy,” she added.